The Start Of Denby Pottery

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Denby is a village in the county of Derbyshire in England, UK. In 1806, during construction of a road a stratum of clay was discovered which after further examination got recognised for its exceptional qualities. Thus began the production of salt-glazed pottery at Denby which prospered and received worldwide reputation. It produced many products ranging from jars and tableware to bottles and water filters. Due to their quality and durability they were used to hold and preserve many fluids such as medicines and beer.

Soon a wide range of kitchenware was used in many homes along with other Denby products like bold and beautiful coloured vases, fine bowls and tobacco jars. Denby Pottery started expanding their production by including glass and metal to produce glasses, bowls, cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils. They also introduced beautiful dinner sets made of porcelain and bone china, with various design patterns making them an instant hit and famous. They were widely accepted and are still in use.

Denby incorporated new techniques while producing tableware but always bore in mind the main attribute of high quality pottery product that is durable. Denby design patterns had specific features, the Amethyst design was purple, grey and geometric, Azure was turquoise and Caramel Stripes was yellow and orange, Fire Chili was geometric patterned a complementary range to Fire, Halo was black and grey speckled, Linen was cream on white, China was white fine bone china and there were many more. With the passing time they have experimented in introducing products with new patterns and designs and have remained popular.

At Denby China Find we do not sell new Denby pottery. Only the discontinued lines. So if you need to replace a particular item of Denby pottery that is no longer sold as new by Denby, then try us, as we should be able to help you source that Denby replacement.