About Us

Denby Denby China Find is a China Matching Service, which specialises in the replacement of discontinued Denby China and Denby Pottery to customers in the UK and Worldwide. We are a small friendly and specialist firm based in the UK near Horsham West Sussex.About Us

Denby Replacements

Denby China Find deals exclusively with discontinued Denby China and Pottery replacements. We provide replacement pieces of Denby china that is no longer available as “new” stock. These replacement pieces are no longer being produced by Denby Pottery and are classified as "discontinued". Once Denby's "discontinued new stock" has depleted the only way to replace these items is from a company like ours.

The majority of the items we stock are therefore "second-hand". This second-hand Denby China/Pottery has been purchased from customers who no longer wish to use their Denby service. There are many reasons why customers wish to replace their Denby, colour scheme changes within the household, an incomplete set due to breakages over the years, services which have been inherited or simply they just want a change! 

Having purchased any unwanted Denby we then stock all the different discontinued patterns and are contacted by customers who are looking to replace pieces so that they can continue to use their old Denby sets. When selecting replacements for customers we always like to ensure that the items are in the best second-hand condition that we are able to purchase.

Our Denby Stock

We stock over 140 discontinued patterns of Denby tableware and between 5,000 and 8,000 pieces. These include patterns produced between the 1920's and 2013. Some of the more popular Denby patterns are Arabesque, Manor Green, Cottage Blue, Gypsy, Troubadour, Daybreak, Encore and more recently Baroque, Marrakesh and Boston Blue. See our Pattern Gallery for details of all the Denby patterns we stock.

How & Where We Sell

  • We have a small selection of items at Stable Antiques in Storrington, West Sussex.
  • We have all our Denby listed on ebay in our Ebay Shop.
  • If you do not use ebay please contact us as you can purchase the item/s direct through us.