Denby China Find supplies discontinued Denby China and Denby Pottery to customers worldwide.

The discontinued patterns cover 1920 to 2013. 

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Although we sell discontinued Denby China/Pottery, we are not connected or linked in any way with the Denby Pottery Company or Website – we only use the Denby name to indicate that our products are genuine and originate from Denby. We are a small independent company selling discontinued and second-hand Denby only. We do not stock “new” Denby products and any current patterns we stock are all second-hand. Should you be searching for current new Denby go to www.denbypottery.co.uk.
Good stocks of most discontinued Denby patterns

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"Denby China Find is a small enthusiastic company offering a discontinued Denby Matching Service with nationwide and worldwide delivery. We offer a friendly efficient service, so give our ebay store a try".
... Debbie Foxon